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Old Bay Seasoning


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Old Bay Seasoning’s famous blend of 18 herbs and spices has been an American favourite for over 70 years. Although it is often called the definitive seafood spice, Old Bay Seasoning is great in anything from crab cakes, to spicy chicken, traditional gumbo, scrambled eggs, sprinkled over popcorn, or even in a bloody mary.

As Old Bay’s owners, McCormick & Company say “There are two things you need to know about OLD BAY® Seasoning: 1) it’s great on seafood and 2) it’s great on everything else.” The recipes on the back of the classic all-American tin box include steamed shrinp, steamed crab, crab cakes, spicy marinade for chicken. To make a classic Louisiana crawfish broil, add plenty of Old Bay and butter to a pot of fiercely boiling water. Throw in the crawfish to cook, drain, and eat – enjoying the delicious buttery spicy flavours.

And Old Bay’s top tip: “Keep a tin in your purse or fanny pack to battle bland food on-the-go!”

Ingredients: Celery salt (salt, celery seed), spices (including red pepper and black pepper), and paprika


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