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Ninki Mini Sake Barrel


Product Description

The Ninki mini sake barrel is a smaller version of a komodaru or kazaridaru – a straw-wrapped sake barrel that is donated to Shinto shrines to make a decorative display for festivals and ceremonies. Traditionally these barrels are empty, but thankfully this one isn’t! It contains premium ginjo sake – a high quality sake that is best enjoyed slightly chilled. The Ninki mini sake barrel makes a great gift for sake-lovers and Japanese culture enthusiasts.

Sake Style: Ginjo

  • Rice: regional, 60% polished
  • Character: well-balanced nose & taste, dry
  • Drinking temperature: 10-15°C
  • Food pairing suggestion: poultry, vegetables, fish
  • Brewery: Ninki Inc., Fukushima

Ingredients: rice, koji, brewer’s alcohol.

15% ABV


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