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Natco Turmeric


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Turmeric powder, also known as haldi, is a spice made from the Curcuma longa rhizome, native to southern and southeastern Asia. In order, to make turmeric powder, the rhizomes are boiled, drained and dried, then finely ground.

Deep yellow in colour, with a distinctive nutty aroma and powerful slightly bitter, musky taste, turmeric is valued for the taste and the yellow colour it imparts to dishes. Used in many cuisines (including Southeast Asian, Iranian and North African), turmeric is a fundamental spice in Indian cuisine, with the convenient powder rather than the fresh rhizome widely used to flavour everything from dals to curries.

A versatile spice, use turmeric in spiced rice dishes, fried aubergines and to create laksa, the flavourful Southeast Asian noodle soup. A core essential for any spice collection.


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