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Natco Garlic Powder


Product Description

Garlic powder is made from dried garlic (Allium sativum) which has been finely ground. Garlic has a venerable history of cultivation as a herb, long valued for its medicinal properties.

Garlic is, of course, a hugely popular culinary herb, used in cuisines around the world from Europe to Asia. Garlic powder, with its strong simple garlicky taste, is a quick and convenient way of adding a garlic flavour to dishes, used in place of peeled and chopped fresh garlic.

Use garlic powder in dishes such as curries or stews, baked beans and in marinades. Its powdered form, means that garlic powder works well as a flavouring for minced meat dishes; use it in chilli con carne, Indian keema mince or to make kofte, spiced Indian meatballs.


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