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Mushroom Zhajiang


Product Description

Mushroom zhajiang is an easy way to add big earthy, umami flavours to stir fried vegetables, rice, meat and fish. A spoonful stirred through noodles makes a quick supper, or add to soup bases for depth.

The rich paste is a blend of mushrooms, soybean paste, bean curd and spices. Try using the zhajiang paste to make a vegetarian version of zha jiang mian – or ‘fried noodles’. Mix mushroom zhajiang with hoisin or sweet bean sauce to taste, and stir fry until fragrant. Add grated ginger, a splash of Shaoxing wine and a pinch of sugar.

Pour in approximately 200ml water, and simmer for 20-30 minutes until the sauce thickens. You can also add cubes of firm tofu at this stage if you want.

Cook some noodles of your choice – wheat noodles for authenticity – drain, and put in a bowl. Add the sauce and top with fresh or stir fried vegetables of your choice. Mix together and enjoy!

Ingredients: soybean paste (water, non-GMO soybean, wheat flour, salt), non-GMO soybean oil, mushroom (10.4%), water, sugar, dried bean curd, sesame, pepper, spices, flavour enhancer (E621, E631), liquorice, sweetener (E955), preservative (E202). Contains allergens: soya, gluten (wheat), sesame.


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