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Mace Blades


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Mace has delicate flavour, similar to that of nutmeg, but less astringent. Mace is the feathery coating that grows around the outside of the nutmeg seed, which is peeled away and dried when nutmeg is harvested.

Mace blades – or blades of mace as they are also known – can be used whole or ground. In British cooking ground mace flavours haggis, pork pies and potted meats. It is used in Middle Eastern dishes, ground mace can flavour the filling for stuffed vineleaves, whereas whole mace blades would flavour meat stews. In Indian cooking it can be incorporated into garam masala spice mix either ground or whole.The delicate sweet spice flavour of mace combines very well with cinnamon and cardamon.

Ingredients: Mace


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