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Lucullus Sambal Manis


Product Description

Sambal manis is a sweet chilli sauce and condiment used in Indonesian cuisine. Its consistency is half way between a salsa and a paste. Sambal manis is fairly spicy but milder than sambal oelek. It also has a slightly sweet flavour, ‘manis’ meaning ‘sweet’ and ‘sambal’ meaning ‘sauce’ in Bahasa Indonesia.

The delectable balance of sweetness and spiciness is enhanced further by the addition of umami-rich shrimp paste, a traditional ingredient in Indonesian sambals. Try adding sambal manis to sauces, chilli glazes and stir-fries, or serve as a condiment alongside authentic Indonesian dishes.

Sambal oelek and sambal nasi goreng are also available.

Ingredients: Ground chillies, sugar, onions, salt, soy oil, food acid E260, soy protein hydrolyzate, food color E150c, garlic, thickener E466, shrimp-powder, spices and herbs (coriander), preservative E200, E211


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