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Korean Red Pepper Powder – Gochugaru 227g


Product Description

Korean red pepper powder – also known as gochugaru – has smoky, fruity-sweet notes, with a hot kick. Gochugaru is most famously used to make the country’s national dish, kimchi.

Korean red pepper powder comes in different grinds – this variety is a coarse grind, perfect for kimchi making. Use gochugaru in other Korean recipes such as tteokbokki, bulgogi, stir fries as well as delicious dipping sauces and meat marinades. We also use the gochugaru red pepper powder as a seasoning to sprinkle over Japanese noodle dishes, or even as a rub for roast chicken, along with finely diced garlic and preserved lemons.

Brand may vary depending on availability. Ingredients: (227g) 98% red pepper powder, 2% salt. Ingedients: (1kg) 100% red pepper powder


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