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Kesar Mango Pulp


Product Description

Kesar mango pulp is a great store cupboard ingredient that lets you enjoy the fragrant, rich sweetness of mangoes all year round.

Kesar mangoes are considered one of the best mango varieties in the world, and are sometimes referred to as ‘the Queen of mangoes’. Its flesh is a vibrant saffron yellow – in fact, you may recognise the word ‘kesar’ from Indian cooking as meaning ‘saffron’, and it is this colour that gives the mango its name.

Use kesar mango pulp in a classic Indian mango lassi – a chilled yoghurt drink seasoned with a pinch of ground cardamom. You can also use the mango pulp to make ice cream, or simply pour into a plastic container and freeze for a super-quick mango sorbet.

Ingredients: Kesar mangoes (92%), sugar (5%), water, acidity regulator: citric acid (E330).


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