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Kelp Knots


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Dried kelp knots give a rounded umami depth to Chinese and Korean stocks, and add prized texture to salads and stews. Keep the kelp knots in your storecupboard for a quick nutrient boost to dishes – both East and West. Kelp is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Soak the knots in warm or cold water to rehydrate and once soft add to simmered or stir fried noodles. Save time by soaking together with black fungus for a Chinese or Taiwanese-style salad with a spicy and tangy chilli oil and rice vinegar dressing, or toss the soaked kelp together with cooked beetroot and a wasabi dressing for a refreshing Summer salad. And for a classic Eastern Chinese dish that stems back to 200 BC, try the kelp knots in MiMi Aye’s recipe for Henen Braised Noodles in her book Noodle!,


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