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Kampot Black Pepper 330g


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Kampot black pepper is known for its green and fresh aromas – with a hint of lime blossom – making it a great pepper for seasoning seafood. While heavier black peppers can overwhelm, the delicate, cold-spiciness make this a great seasoning, most famously used for Kampot Crab.

Kampot black peppercorns come from the Southern Cambodian province of Kampot and are widely considered to be one of the best black peppers in the world. They have recently been awarded a geographical indication (GI) status as acknowledgement of the quality pepper grown between the Dâmrei Mountains and Cambodian coastline since the 13th century.The peppercorns are picked when green and ripe, and dried in the sun until black and wrinkled with fully-developed aromas. Much like wine and oil, the flavour of Kampot pepper is affected by ‘terroir’, meaning that they are complimented by other regional foods. Try using the Kampot pepper in Kampot pepper crab, lok lak beef strips, or in stir fries.


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