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Jujube – Chinese Red Date


Product Description

Jujube or sweet red dates are eaten throughout Asia – in desserts, soups and brewed as a tea. They are naturally sweet, and heralded as a superfood in Chinese medicine and diet – they are very high in vitamins, and are believed to help build up strength – the yang side of the ying yang balance. These red jujube dates are seedless, meaning you don’t have to pit them before eating.

The jujube dates are frequently used in as good luck symbols in China. Snuff bottles in the mid-1800s dynasty were often decorated with a picture of a jujube along with a few peanuts – respectively the puns for early son (早子) and giving birth (花生). The two together show the auspicious wish to have an outstandingly successful son. Similarly dates would be left (along with other symbolic fruits) for couples on their honey moon – red is the colour of good luck, and again with the pun early son, to help with fertility. The Chinese red dates are also often seen as a garnish for Chinese New Year cakes.

Ingredients: Seedless Date (100%)


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