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Japanese Maruhon Pure Sesame Oil


Product Description

Maruhon’s pure sesame oil is a top quality Japanese sesame oil with a mellow and elegant aroma and flavour. The Maruhon ‘Taikyo’ sesame oil is carefully pressure extracted from sesame seeds slow roasted at a low temperatures to retain the mild flavour profile. Use this Japanese sesame oil in Japanese, Chinese and Korean cooking.

Try stirring the slow roasted sesame oil together with soy sauce and vinegar for light Japanese-salad dressings. For a nutritious Korean side dish, toss 1 tsp of sesame oil with 1 chopped clove garlic and 2tsp soy sauce through blanched and finely chopped spinach. Or drizzle over stir-fries and Korean bulgogi beef just before serving to add a rich sesame flavour.

Ingredients: Sesame seeds


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