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Instant Miso Soup With Wakame


Product Description

Instant miso soup provides a quick and easy way to make one of Japan’s most famous dishes. Empty the sachet of miso powder and the packet of garnish into a bowl, add 150ml of boiling water and stir until dissolved. Each pack contains eight servings, making it a great store cupboard staple.

Serve the miso soup as the base to a quick meal, supplemented with a selection of seaweed, tofu or noodles. Also serve small bowls of miso soup as a course in a Japanese meal, cleansing the palette and aiding digestion.

Ingredients: Soup Base soybean paste (water, soybean,  rice, salt), water, alcohol, sugar, kelp extract, salt. Garnish seaweed, baked gluten (wheat flour, wheat gluten, raisign agent: E500ii), green onion, yeast extract powder, sugar, dried bonito powder (fish), salt. Contains soya, wheat, fish. 


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