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Hwayo Soju


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Enjoy Hwayo Soju 25 chilled for a refreshing alternative to sake or vodka. Soju is a Korean rice spirit, and Hwayo is one of the best-known distillers of premium soju. Their Soju 25 has a crisp and clean taste, with subtle notes of fruity melon.

For years soju has been known as a fairly weak beverage, made from the diluted spirits of sweet potatoes or rice and added sugar. Hwayo are one of the small distilleries that are popping up all over Korea that aim to bring back the sophisticated sojus of the past, and create a spirit to rival the finest sakes or vodkas of the world.

The Hwayo distillery only uses the finest organic rice and pure spring water drawn from 150 metres underground. Their low-temperature distillation and maturing processes have been handed down over a period of 700 years with little change, and Hwayo’s Soju 25 is praised for its pure, clean taste that is the result.

Ingredients: water, rice, koji.

25% ABV. This product contains alcohol and is only available for purchase by over 18s.


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