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Hime Chuka Soba Ramen Noodles


Product Description

Ramen noodles are a Japanese noodle, often simmered in a rich stock to give the famous Japanese dish ‘ramen’. There are 26 different recognised types of ramen noodles in Japan – some wavy, some flat, some thinner than others. Chuka-soba means Chinese-style – which just differentiates ramen noodles from other forms of Japanese noodle.

This pack of Hime Chuka soba noodles comes divided into 8 handy bundles, each bundle serves 1-2 people.  Simply add to a simmering broth, and cook for around 4 minutes before serving. Or cook the chuka-soba noodles in boiling water for 3 minutes, drain and toss into a stir-fry.

Ingredients: wheat flour (82.9%), water, salt, acidity regulators E501 and E500, natural colour E160A. Contains gluten.


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