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Hickory Liquid Smoke 118ml


Product Description

Hickory liquid smoke brings instant campfire flavours to your cooking. Hickory is a strong wood – great with slow-cooked pork butt, added to a marinade for oven-cooked ribs, or brushed onto a steak before grilling. Take care when using, as a little of the hickory liquid smoke goes a long way!

Unlike most other liquid smoke, Colgin liquid smoke contains no additives or preservatives. Fine smoking woods are slowly smouldered (not burned), and the released gases are condensed and liquefied, to give that instant smoke aroma and flavour. Colgin is a huge name in American smoke products – their first smokehouse was built in 1869 in Mexia, Texas.

This liquid smoke creates slow-cooked American BBQ flavour with just a few shakes. Brush onto steaks, chicken, burgers, or hot dogs for a tangy outdoor smoky flavour. Or add a few dashes to marinades, sauces, baked beans, dips, seafood, eggs, or poultry – to create instant campfire warmth, even when cooking in an oven, or on an indoor stove.

Our Colgin liquid smoke range also includes pecan liquid smoke Or try all three flavours with the liquid smoke bumper pack.

Ingredients: water, hickory smoke flavour, vinegar, molasses, caramel colour, salt


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