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Matcha Mochi


Product Description

Matcha mochi make the perfect light snack with a cup of Japanese green tea. The bite-size mini mochi are flavoured with matcha green tea powder, and filled with a sweetened red bean paste.

Mochi have a pillowy-soft, chewy texture that’s almost a cross between marshmallow and bubblegum. The glutinous rice cake sweets are especially popular in Japan and Taiwan.

Each bag contains 8 individually wrapped matcha mochi.

Ingredients: maltose (20.5%), sugar (18.6%), glutinous rice (18.0%), hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate (E1442) (16.6%), red bean paste (15.3%)(red  bean, sugar, maltose, palm oil), green tea powder (11.0%), palm oil (0.3%), flavour (0.02%), preservative: sorbic acid (E200)(0.02%).




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