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Hakkaisan Ginjo Hyotanbin Sake


Product Description

Enjoy Hakkaisan ginjo hyotanbin sake chilled and serve with sushi or sashimi. This fragrant sake has notes of pear on the nose with hints of anise. Light, crisp and dry, you can enjoy this sake in much the same way as a dry white wine.

‘Hyotanbin’ is a reference to the unique shape of the travel-friendly bottle. Hyotan is the Japanese name for a type of gourd that is this undulating shape. Take Hakkaisan ginjo hyotanbin sake on picnics or holidays to add instant Japanese elegance to meals or gatherings.

Sake Style: Ginjo

  • Rice: Yamadanishiki & Gohyakumangoku
  • Milled down to 50%
  • Drinking temperature: 5-10°C
  • Food pairing suggestion: sushi, sashimi, grilled meat
  • Brewery: Hakkaisan, Niigata Prefecture

Ingredients: water, rice, rice koji, alcohol.


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