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Guajillo Chillies 1kg


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This sun-dried Mirasol chilli, known as a guajillo, is used in Latin American and Spanish cuisine to bring a smoky sweetness to dishes. The dried guajillo chillies are often soaked and pureed into a paste, and can also be lightly toasted over a flame, or dry-fried to intensify their flavour.

Dried guajillo chillies have a sweet, tannic flavour with green tea and berry notes. They are moderately hot (2,500-5,000 on the Scoville Scale of chilli heat), but their tongue-tingling spice has earned guajillo chillies the nickname ‘travieso chilli’ – or mischievous chilli. Delicious in adobo sauce, moles, soups or salsas.

A 60g pack contains approx 5-8 chillies. May contain nuts and sesame.


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