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Gingko Kernels


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Gingko kernels have a unique, bitter-sweet flavour that goes well with both sweet and savoury dishes. In China, the gingko kernels or nuts are often added to congee, and in Japan they are an ingredient in chawanmushi (steamed, savoury egg custards).

Gingko nuts are celebrated in China for their health benefits. They are packed with minerals and vitamins that boost the metabolism, aid red blood cell synthesis, and even help to keep neuro-transmitters in good shape. For this reason, gingko extracts are often found in remedies to aid memory.

Enjoy gingko kernels stir fried in the vegetarian dish called ‘Buddha’s Delight’. Or add the kernels to a pan of rice before cooking to make the simple Japanese dish, ginnan gohan (gingko nut rice).

Caution – large quantities of gingko nuts can be toxic. Adults should consume no more than 8 in one day, and children under 14 should consume no more than three in one day.

Ingredients: gingko kernel (98%), salt.


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