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FSG Sichuan Preserved Cooked Fungus


Product Description

This spicy blend of cooked mushrooms, ginger and chilli oil spices up plain noodle and tofu dishes. The Sichuan preserved fungus is best though of as a mushroom rich Sichuan chilli oil.

When we first tasted them in the office, a pot was devoured almost instantly. Along with the Sichuan chilli pepper pickles from the same producer, these are one of the team’s firm favourites – stirred into soup at lunch, with instant noodles, or even just to eat alone with white rice when in a hurry.

Produced by Fan Sao Guang Food Co Ltd. Ingredients: canola oil, savoury fungus 17.4%, chilli, ginger, chinese lettuce, salt, garlic, flavour enhancer E621, spices, acid E330.


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