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FSG Sichuan Chilli Pickles


Product Description

These intensely fiery pickles are served to spice up plain noodle and tofu dishes. They are best though of as a pickled vegetable-rich Sichuan chilli oil. Use in the same way you would use chopped Sichuan preserved vegetable in recipes. The pickles are a blend of chilli, preserved vetable, cowpea (like a green bean), Chinese cabbage and spices.

When we first tasted them in the office, a pot was devoured almost instantly. These Sichuan chilli pickles are one of the team’s firm favourites – stirred into soup at lunch, with instant noodles, or even just to eat alone with white rice when in a hurry.

The same producer Fan Sao Guang Food Co Ltd makes a similar, though less spicy, Sichuan preserved fungus which is also worth trying.

Ingredients: canola oil, chilli 21%, cowpea 6.5%, preserved vegetable, chinese lettuce, peanut, soybean, sesame, flavour enhancer E621, spices, acid E330


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