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FSG Fried Mushroom Enokitake


Product Description

FSG fried mushroom enokitake adds a spicy, umami kick to plain rice and noodles. The chilli oil is packed to the brim with fried enokitake mushrooms, with garlic and ginger adding extra sweet heat.

A spoonful of these mushrooms enhances nearly any Chinese or Japanese dish. Try using to top a bowl of ramen, a stir fry or even miso soup.

Enokitake mushrooms are also called enoki, golden needle mushroom, or lily mushroom.

Ingredients: enokitake mushroom (26%), soybean oil, chilli, preserved mustard, stem lettuce, ginger, garlic, salt, yeast extract, sugar, spices, flavour enhancer (E621). Contains allergens: mustard.


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