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Frantoio Muraglia Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Product Description

Frantoio Muraglia smoked extra virgin olive oil is a marriage between cold-pressed Peranzana olives and the contemporary love for all things smoked. Drizzle over chicken or green vegetables for a touch of ‘just-off-the-grill’ flavour.

The extra virgin olive oil is cold-smoked to preserve the semi-fruity flavour of Peranzana olives. The cold smoking process also releases spicy notes from the oil, and it has a long, almost floral finish.

Use the smoked extra virgin olive oil to finish steaks, pizzas and fish dishes. Or dip fresh bread in the oil and enjoy the different layers of flavour.

Frantoio Muraglia are passionate about olives. Their logo is the oldest olive tree in their grove – a majestic Coratina olive tree that is at least 450 years old and still gives fruit. They’ve been growing and pressing olives in the same way for nearly five generations of the Muraglia family, and their extra virgin olive oils have won over 16 awards in the past 10 years alone.

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil.


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