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FLCK Shan Dong Dumpling Flour


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Taiky pancake flour for steamed rice cake is a ready-made mix for Vietnamese Bánh Bèo – light, fluffy and slightly chewy rice cakes. They are often served with a crispy fried shrimp and spring onion topping and a selection of dipping sauces. Bánh Bèo are sometimes called the Vietnamese version of tapas.

To make Vietnamese steamed rice cakes, mix one packet of Taiky pancake flour with 1 litre water into a smooth batter. Fill a steamer 2/3 full with water and bring to the boil. On the steamer tray, place as many small, shallow dishes as you can – our white sauce dishes are the right size and shape.

Half fill each dish with the batter, cover, and steam for approximately 5 minutes. Carefully remove the dishes and allow to cool. If you have enough dishes, repeat until all the batter is used and serve each rice cake in its own dish. Otherwise remove the cakes when cool and lay on a plate, and reuse the dishes until your batter is finished.

For an authentic topping, blitz cooked prawns in a food processor or crush with a pestle and mortar until it forms a very fine flaky texture. Stir fry with a dash of fish sauce until the crushed prawns are dry and starting to crisp. Place approximately a teaspoon of the crushed prawn in the middle of each rice cake and top with spring onions, small croutons or even tiny cubes of crisped pork fat. Serve with a dipping sauce of fish sauce, sugar, a little water, crushed garlic and finely sliced red chilli.

Ingredients: rice flour, corn starch, tapioca starch.


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