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Dried Epazote 1kg


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Epazote grows wild in many parts of the USA and Mexico, and is key in central Mexican cuisine. It is commonly confused with Mexican oregano, but is quite different.

Epazote has an intense fragrance. It does have notes of oregano as well as anise and mint, but also an almost pine-y, creosote aroma that makes epazote very distinctive. As may be expected, a little of this herb goes a long way! However, the aroma compounds do not stand up to heat very well, so only add epazote towards the very end of cooking. Dried epazote is referred to as the ‘bean herb’, as it is most often cooked alongside dried black beans or pinto beans to aid digestion.

Sprinkle a dash of dried epazote into the boiling water in the last half hour of cooking beans; use epazote in central Mexican-style quesadillas along with cheese and chillies; or add a pinch of dried epazote to guacamole to introduce a depth of herbal flavours.

Ingredients: epazote. Made in a factory which also uses: peanuts, nuts, sesame, celery and celeriac and mustard.


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