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Defrutum Cooked Grape Must


Product Description

Defrutum cooked grape must is like no condiment you’ve ever tried before! It’s rich, sweet and fragrant, with distinctive grape flavours and even honey-like notes.

Cooked grape must is the reduced juice of dried grapes, and is normally used to make balsamic vinegar. However, this syrupy reduction is a versatile condiment in its own right. It goes particularly well with roasted poultry and vegetables, and is even a fantastic addition to a cheeseboard.

You can also use Defrutum cooked grape must in drinks. Try as an alternative to sugar in fruit or herbal teas, as an ingredient in cocktails, or even with soda water and plenty of ice for a refreshing drink.

Officinae Defrutum balsamic vinegars and condiments are made on a family-run farm in Modena, in the heart of the Emilia-Romagna region. They are made only with Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes that are grown in the farm’s surrounding vineyards, so the entire production is closed cycle. Emilia-Romagna’s climate of extremes – very hot summers and freezing winters – provides the best conditions for fermenting and maturing balsamic vinegar. The production and aging methods have been passed down through four generations of balsamic vinegar makers.

Ingredients: acetified cooked grape must. Contains sulphites.


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