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Date Syrup


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Basra date syrup is made from 100% natural date juice. It has a rich datey sweetness, and is used widely in Middle Eastern cuisine. This Basra date syrup often forms the base of the popular drink ‘jallab‘ when mixed with a little rosewater and sparkling water. Date molasses for the treacly rich syrup.

In a recent Guardian interview, Ottolenghi referred to date syrup the one “curveball” ingredient in his book Jerusalem and it features in our Jerusalem ingredients set. Ottolenghi recommends drizzling date syrup on “roasted veg or hummus-like purées.”  Date syrup is also beautiful drizzled over goats cheese, greek yoghurt, or as a substitution for processed sugar in baking recipes.

Ingredients: 100% natural date juice. 200g of dates per 100g of date syrup, 62% sugar.


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