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Cuitlacoche is an inky black paste with a smoky, earthy flavour. Cuitlacoche comes from a purposefully-cultivated fungus grown on the ears of corn which is simmered to a deep coloured paste. The word ‘cuitlacoche’ roughly translates as ‘raven droppings’, it is also nicknamed ‘Mexican Truffle’ and ‘Aztec Caviar’, demonstrating the level of demand for this highly-prized ingredient.

In Mexican cuisine, cuitlacoche paste is added to soups, used to fill quesadillas, and stirred into stews, and sauces. It also gives great depth of flavour to the Native American succotash – a vegetable side dish of squash, corn and beans.

Ingredients: Cuitlachote, onion, soya oil, jalapeno pepper, salt, spices


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