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Crispy Fried Garlic


Product Description

Crispy fried garlic introduces texture to a dish, as well as distinctive garlic flavours. With texture being such an important aspect of Chinese cooking, crispy fried garlic makes a great garnish – on top of a bowl of noodles, stirred into rice, or even a pinch on top of a pan-fried fillet of fish. The crispy fried garlic pieces make a great garnish for South East Asian congee, or savoury porridge. Also try mixing some of the crispy fried garlic into a panko breadcrumb coating or add extra flavour and texture to a schnitzel or tonkatsu crust.

The pot of crispy fried garlic is kept air-tight with a ring-pull seal. Once opened, use the air-tight lid to keep the garlic fragments light and crispy.

Ingredients: Garlic, vegetable oil, corn starch


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