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Cooked Chestnuts


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It’s not clear why cooked chestnuts have never become mainstream year-round in the UK, as they make a moreish and healthy snack. A popular on-the-go nibble in China, the naturally richly flavoured cooked chestnuts are very low in fat (just 1%) and need no extra seasoning – neither salt nor sugar. A great alternative to packets of dried fruit!

The whole chestnuts are shelled and skinless so quick and easy to cook with. Try cooking the Shanghai dish of braised chicken with chestnuts, simmered with soy sauce, honey, shaoxing wine, and aromatic spices. Also use the chestnuts in traditional English stuffing, or chopped in cakes or desserts.

Contains approximate 15-18 whole cooked chestnuts. Ingredients: Chestnuts 100%. 

Nutritional information per 100g: energy 183.4kcal, fat 0.9g, carbohydrate 38.5g (of which sugars 7.5g), protein 4.7g, salt 0g


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