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Clearspring Organic Matcha Tea Ceremonial Tin


Product Description

Clearspring organic matcha tea in a ceremonial tin is the highest grade of Japanese matcha green tea powder. The flavour is rich and smooth with a delicate sweetness.

The tea is grown in the Uji region of Kyoto – a place renowned for growing the best green tea in Japan. The organic tea bushes are grown in the shade for the final few months before harvesting. This concentrates the chlorophyll in the leaves, giving the finished tea its vibrant green colour.

For this ceremonial grade matcha, only the finest and smallest leaves from the very tip of the tea plants are picked. These are finely ground between granite millstones to produce the velvety powder.

To enjoy an energising, anti-oxidant rich shot of ceremonial grade matcha tea, add ¼ tsp matcha powder to a cup or matcha tea bowl. Pour in 30ml of hot (not boiling) water, and whisk until smooth.

Clearspring organic matcha tea comes foil-sealed in a black tin. Once opened, keep the tin closed and store in the fridge.

Ingredients: organic matcha green tea powder.


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