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Chunjang Black Bean Paste


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Chunjang black bean paste is an essential ingredient in jajjangmyun – a Korean dish of stir-fried pork belly and mixed vegetables in a thick black bean sauce, served with wheat noodles. Also known as Chinese black bean paste, use to give the distinctive flavour to Chinese favourites like beef in black bean sauce with green peppers.

The black bean paste is salty with a hint of sweetness, with lots of umami depth. Add a spoonful to stir-fry sauces to boost the flavour. Dilute with sesame oil and rice vinegar, and mix in some grated ginger to make a dipping sauce.

Ingredients: black bean paste (soya, wheat flour, salt, water), caramel, salt, soya powder, rice wine, water, flavour enhancer (monosodium glutamate [E621]). Contains allergens: soya, gluten (wheat).


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