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Chilli Selection For Mole Poblano


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The traditional Mole poblano from Puebla, Central Mexico is famed for the depth of flavour and sheer number of ingredients – and key are the three base Mexican chilliles: mulato, ancho and pasilla. We have packaged together a starter kit to help you get going, including 2 packs of mulato chillies, 1 pack of pasilla and one of ancho – saving £1.25 when you buy the chillies together. A recipe card for mole poblano is also included.

This quantity of chillies will make approximately 2.5 litres of rich and spicy mole sauce, or enough to serve 12 to 18 people. It is best to make the full quantity of mole sauce at once, and then freeze any that you don’t need for up to a month. To make the sauce you will also need a number of other ingredients – though many of these you may have in your store cupboard, or able to source from a local corner shop. See the full recipe for mole poblano here.


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