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Chilli De Arbol 1kg – Short Dated


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Chilli de arbol is a fiery hot chilli, often used in Mexican soups and sauces. Although its name implies that the chillies grow on trees, the long, elegant chilli de arbol actually hang from the branches of a wiry shrub, which grows a few feet off the ground. The arbol chillies turn a brilliant red colour when ripe, and are then sun-dried to intensify the spicy hot flavours.

Chilli de arbol is primarily used for its hotness. While other milder Mexican chillies like ancho and mulato are known for their fruity-smoky flavours, arbols are best known for their firey heat – most commonly used in a condiment, or for giving dishes an exciting kick. So don’t remove the seeds of chilli de arbol…but embrace the hotness. Fry the chilli a little oil, or dry-fry on a skillit to release the flavours, before blending into a sauce, or chopping finely into a salsa.

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