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Cascabel Chilli 1kg


Product Description

Cascabel chillies are a deep red-brown, cherry-shaped Mexican variety, renowned for their nutty, smoky flavours and gentle spiciness. ‘Cascabel’ is the Spanish for ‘little bell’, and refers to the shape as well as the rattling of seeds inside a dried pod.

The rich flavour of cascabel chillies makes them a great addition to tamales, salsas and stews. Dry fry the chillies to intensify their aromas. Then soak them in warm water to soften, and blend the cascabels into a paste or cut them into thin slivers. These slivers are particularly good stirred through plain rice.

This 1kg pack is ideal for catering purposes. A smaller 40g pouch of cascabel chilli

is also available.

Ingredients: cascabel chilli.


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