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Basil Oil


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Basil infused oil is the easy way to add the uplifting, peppery notes of this popular herb to pasta dishes or stone baked pizza.

The freshest young basil is naturally infused with sunflower oil for an intense flavour. As well as being a great finishing oil for chicken, salads and pasta dishes, the infused oil is also suitable for cooking at low and medium temperatures. Try adding to a pasta sauce during cooking, or even add to the pan towards the end of frying halloumi.

La Tourangelle is a family-owned business that has been producing gourmet oils in France since the mid-1800s. At the time La Tourangelle was founded, each village had a mill which roasted and extracted the oil from nuts gathered by local farmers.

Though industrialisation largely rendered this practice obsolete, La Tourangelle are passionate about keeping that spirit alive. They still use traditional extracting methods, and some of the equipment they use even comes from their original mill. Their high-quality oils shine both in cooking and as finishing touches.

Ingredients: sunflower oil, basil.


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