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Arganic Argan Oil


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This edible organic argan oil is a beautiful oil from Morocco with a golden colour and hazelnut-pumpkin seed notes. The oil is pressed from the stones of the fruit grown on organic Argan trees in Morocco’s UNESCO protected forest. Arganic edible argan oil is used in Michelin-starred restaurants and is one of Ottolenghi’s oils of choice.

Each bottle can be traced back to the exact tree which the stones are harvested from. This means Arganic’s organic oil is 100% pure argan oil, and is never diluted with other lesser or cheaper oils. Unlike many other argan oils, the stones are also just lightly toasted after harvesting, and are then pressed immediately to ensure that the oil tastes as good as possible, and retains its natural health benefits.

Argan oil makes a great finishing flavour when drizzled over grilled fish, couscous and salads. Splash a little over goat’s cheese crushed onto a cracker with a sprinkle of cumin on top for a delicious snack. Or try emphasising the oil’s naturally nutty aromas by drizzling it over dishes garnished with walnuts, hazelnuts or pistachio. For traditional Moroccan recipes, use the Argan oil in an amlou dip or with sweet Berber pancakes and honey. For many more authentic Moroccan recipes for how to use the argan oil, read  Paula Wolfert’s Food of Morroco.

Ingredients: 100% argan oil. May contain traces of almonds (nuts)


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