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Annatto Powder (Achiote)


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Annatto seeds are used as an intense, orange-yellow dye throughout the world, from tribal war paint to the ‘red’ colour in Red Leicester.  Sometimes known by its Mexican name achiote, the Amazonian shrub is traditionally used in Caribbean and South American food – though Spanish and Portuguese explorers introduced annatto seeds to European and Indian countries in the 1600s, where it has been used to flavour and colour food ever since.

Annatto’s mild and nutty flavour adds a subtle depth to soups and marinades. A sprinkle of annato powder can be used as an alternative to annatto paste.  Annatto powder can also be dissolved into fish stock, and used to cook Cajun shrimp rice.  Achiote is also used in Brazil’s traditional rib dish, vaca atolada (‘cow stuck in the mud’) and in fish moquecas.

Ingredients: Extract of annatto seeds, cornstarch (27%)


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