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Anchovy Kombu Flavour Soup Base


Product Description

Anchovy kombu flavour soup base is a well-balanced seasoning for use with Korean noodle soups and bulgogi hot pots.

This soup base with anchovy kombu works well in dishes such as spicy mushroom seafood stew and potato and pumpkin soybean stew. It is also used to make akorn jelly, known as dotorimuk, which is sliced and served with slivered carrots, spring onions, Korean red pepper powder, soy sauce, sesame oil and sesame seeds.

Ingredients: Water, anchovy extract, soys sauce, salt spirits, kelp & radish extract, wheat extract, spring onion & onion extract, laver extract, bonito extract, tamarind gum, stabiliser, E415, Onion extract, flavour enhancer: E631, E627, oleoresin black pepper.


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