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Amchoor Powder


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Amchoor powder or amchur is a traditional Indian spice. It is, in fact, mango powder, made from green (unripe) mangoes (Mangifera indica), which have been peeled, finely sliced, dried (traditionally in the sun) and then finely ground into a pale, beige-coloured powder.

Despite its neutral appearance, amchoor powder has a pungent aroma and distinctive sour flavour which makes its presence in dishes noticeable. In Indian cuisine amchoor powder is traditionally used to add a touch of tartness to dishes, particularly vegetable dishes. Add a pinch of amchoor powder to the potato filling for samosas, vegetable fritters, vegetable fillings for flatbreads or use in a yogurt and herb marinade for a fish tikka to add a pleasing touch of sourness.


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