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Agusti Torello Mata White Balsamic Vinegar


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Use the white balsamic vinegar with oysters, in salad dressings, drizzled over spicy carpaccios or with game dishes. The aroma is closer to wine than vinegar, with a balance between acid and sweetness. It has a very sharp, fresh feel in the mouth, and the cava wine brings fruity flavours of melon and white grape with hints of honey. The white balsamic vinegar is a great accompaniment to any Mediterranean dish, but also try using it to deglaze the pan after roasting a pork loin, or even drizzled over fresh strawberries.

The vinegar comes from the family-run cava winery of Agusti Torello Mata, one of the most prestigious producers of sparkling wine in Spain.

6% abv. Ingredients: vinegar produced from sweet cava wine, grape must. Contains allergens: sulphites


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